Find Traditional Italian Breads with Quality & Consistency.

commercialOur commercial partners know that quality makes a difference. Consumers appreciate how fine breads take dining to the next level, and when shopping, they look for dependable brands that use superior ingredients for a truly exceptional experience.

For more than three decades, Glen Abbey has focused on providing fresh, delicious products to commercial institutions throughout the Greater Toronto Area. By ensuring timely deliveries, we give consumers exactly what they’re trying to find: exceptional Italian breads, made with time-honored techniques. We never use preservatives or additives, and our natural ingredients and traditional procedures allow for a superior class of product.

We offer various options for commercial enterprises including grocers, restaurants, and specialty stores. While we have operated as a family-run business since our inception, we utilize the latest technologies to serve our commercial partners and their customers.

Through passion, dedication, and a focused approach, we create the best baked products available in Ontario, and we’re able to accommodate stores of all sizes while maintaining the same high level of quality.

Contact us today for more information regarding commercial arrangements or to get a quote for your organization.